Theology and the Arts

Throughout history, art has reflected cultural change and development. Great paintings, sculptures, and musical compositions have represented trends in theology and religion as viewed from the artist's cultural context. From Bach's St. John Passion to Bosch's The Last Judgment, the arts display the fusion of theology and culture.

Perhaps you have an academic interest in culture, art, and theology, or you may be a practicing artist who wants a theological and biblical foundation for your work. Either way, Fuller's Theology and Arts emphasis is for you. Studying under faculty members who are pioneers in this area, you will examine the convergence of the arts and culture with theology, both historically and currently. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with the arts in a variety of course contexts, including Orvieto, Italy, and the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

How will you explore and influence the connections between the arts and theology?

Arts at Fuller

See what Tim Haydock (MAT, 2009) says about Theology and the Arts.
Theology and the Arts Masters Degree Emphasis at Fuller Theological Seminary - Video

Featured Faculty

Emphasis Faculty

Kutter Callaway*
William Dyrness
Maria Fee*
Todd Johnson
Robert Johnston
Barry Taylor*
David Taylor
Ed Willmington*

*adjunct or affiliate faculty

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Theology and the Arts**, students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (20 units) listed below:

Required Courses (12 units):

TC581 Worship, Theology, and the Arts Touchstone

TC591 Theology and the Arts Capstone Cohort

TC592 Theology and the Arts Project Cohort

Choose Two (8 units):

Any Theology and Culture course (TC)

Any Worship Studies course (WS)

Scheduled Courses

Required Courses (12 units):

TC581, TC591, TC592

There are no scheduled courses at this time.

Course Number Course Title Faculty Term Location

Chose two (8 units):

Any TC course, Any WS course

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Course Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
TC515 Understanding Popular Music: South by Southwest Taylor, BR., Risdon, SN Winter 2015 Austin, TX (Hybrid)
TC516 Theology, Worship, and Art Yang, SE Winter 2015 Fuller Online
TC588 Theology, Film, and Culture: Engaging Independent Films Callaway, KD Spring 2015 Park City, UT (Hybrid)
TC509 Theology and Pop Culture Taylor, BR Spring 2015 Pasadena
TC521 Theology and Contemporary Literature Johnston, RK Spring 2015 Pasadena
TC530 Theology and Film Johnston, RK Spring 2015

Menlo Park/Arizona Live

TC533 Theology and Television: Communicating the Gospel in a Mediated World of Technocultural Change Callaway, KD Spring 2015 Pasadena/Atlanta Live
TC562 Dante's Divine Comedy in the Context of Medieval Art and Theology Dyrness, WA Spring 2015 Pasadena
TC592B Theology and the Arts Project Cohort Fee, ME Spring 2015 Pasadena
WS514 Music as Theological Expression Wilmington, EM Winter 2015 Pasadena

Emphasis courses are scheduled on a rotation and may not be available every quarter. For descriptions of courses that fulfill this emphasis, please visit the Academic Catalog.

**New emphasis structure is effective for Fall 2014. For information on your current emphasis track, contact your academic advisor.

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