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Sprouting Seeds

6/4/15 in Jon Ball

Reflecting back on the Touchstone Course, in my third quarter here, I’m excited to see fruit already springing from the seeds planted by God and the leadership here at Fuller. For example, the strengths-based leadership insights I gained from the CoreClarity training keep coming back to me as tools to interpret how I’ve been gifted to bless others...

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In Search of an Effective Framework

1/13/15 in Jon Ball

Confession time: I was wrong. In my last post, I wrote, “When I registered for the Touchstone Course, I knew I was not the target audience.” Well, that was what I thought. But I was wrong. I was in the target audience.

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Critical and Practical Skills

11/21/14 in Jon Ball

Entering a Master’s program with 45 years—and 25 years of ministry—on my odometer, I knew certain dynamics would be inevitable. Some courses would not be designed for me. Classes and professors would spend time helping young, unseasoned leaders with issues I wrestled through decades ago.

Blogger Jon Ball

Addressing a Crucial Gap

10/30/14 in Jon Ball

Ever have a doctor you wish had been required to take “Bedside Manner 101” or a course on Emotional Intelligence? Most medical schools, as far as I know, don’t even offer such classes. The traditional western Protestant seminary education has left a similar gap—probably an even more destructive one...

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Why I'm Taking the Touchstone Course

10/17/14 in Jon Ball

If I were to say that I am taking the Touchstone Course because my academic advisor told me to, and because several people have told me Scott Cormode is a great professor, that would fairly accurate.

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