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12/12/14 in Lindsay Beck

We talked about Sabbath and “healthy rhythms of labor and rest” in Touchstone recently. But heart didn’t connect with head until my roommate prayed: “Lord, thank you for the blessing of mono ..."

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God, With

12/3/14 in Lindsay Beck

After my aforementioned kairos beginning to Fuller, I hit a brick wall. My body succumbed to mono, flattened and exhausted. I’ve now spent six weeks horizontal, missing class, work, and the early opportunities to find and build community...

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A Kairos Moment

10/17/14 in Lindsay Beck

11 am, Monday September 29, 2014, Touchstone: the first class of my Fuller career, the first meeting of its kind in the Seminary’s history. And my fervent prayer for my journey as a full-time MDiv student, reiterated again as I walked into our classroom: God, teach and mold my heart alongside my head...

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