Rebecca Stringer

Rebecca Stringer

A Holistic Experience

12/16/14 in Rebecca Stringer

As my husband and I made plans to attend Fuller Seminary, our friends and family were overwhelmingly supportive. But sprinkled among the encouragement were notes of caution. “You don’t really need seminary. You’re already in ministry.”

Rebecca Stringer

Will God Provide?

11/24/14 in Rebecca Stringer

I have money issues and I know it. Growing up as a missionary kid in a developing country you’d think I’d have a heart of gratitude for all I have received. Unfortunately, in many ways I experienced the fear of scarcity more than gratitude for abundance...

Rebecca Stringer

The Gift of Formation

11/10/14 in Rebecca Stringer

I hit a hurdle last week. Until then I was navigating quite well the tricky process of moving our family of four from Honolulu to Pasadena and going to school for the first time in over 10 years. Class work from day one resonated deeply with me, complementing and challenging what I had learned from roughly a decade employed in church ministry...

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