Dan Stringer

Dan Stringer

Listening for Longing and Loss

12/16/14 in Dan Stringer

I’ll never forget the day my wife called me out in the middle of Touchstone class. The topic was storytelling, and I had just asked the instructor for advice on how to become a better storyteller. As the instructor responded to my question, my wife (also a student) interjected, “Honey, you just need to read more fiction.”

Dan Stringer

Future Dream to Present Moment

12/10/14 in Dan Stringer

At both the beginning and end of the quarter, Touchstone Course students are asked to reflect on the following question, “At this point in your Christian journey, how do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?”

Dan Stringer

Connecting Theory and Practice

11/14/14 in Dan Stringer

With apologies to my other current classes, the Touchstone course is my favorite, at least for now. See how I left a loophole there, in case my professors read this?

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