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Being Fully Present

3/11/15 in Kristin Brussee

When I applied to Fuller I was asked to answer the Central Integration Question which asks: “At this point in your Christian journey, how do you envision your call to God's mission in the world?” I answered the question initially (back in October, 2014) with the big picture dream in mind...

Blogger Kristin Brusse

Prayer of Examen

2/25/15 in Kristin Brussee

In week five of the Touchstone Course we were asked to watch a video entitled “The Practice of Examen,” in which Laura Harbert presented the Prayer of Examen. The Prayer of Examen consists of five central parts: invite God’s presence, express gratitude, ask the Holy Spirit to give discernment, review good and bad parts of the day, and confess.

Blogger Kristin Brusse

Listen, Learn and Be

2/9/15 in Kristin Brussee

Had you told me one year ago that I would be living in California and attending Fuller Seminary I would have told you that you were out of your mind. Seminary was never in my plans. California was never in my plans. Going back to school was never in my plans. Yet, here I am...

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