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My Money and My Vocation

4/8/15 in PJ Johnson

Wow, week nine and I am still here. Money, my vocation and my last Vocation/Formation group – boo hoo. I will miss this community we have made. I have relied on you to listen without judgment and advise with love, and that you have done wonderfully.

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The 7-Week Stretch

3/5/15 in PJ Johnson

Christine Pohl said something in a Touchstone video that seems obvious yet needs mentioning as a reminder. She spoke about God’s welcome to us, His hospitality which should move us to welcome strangers. Fuller’s campus is a great place to do this in a safe environment to start.

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Reflections on Being a Student

2/6/15 in PJ Johnson

Thank God – second term and halfway through. It’s been fifteen weeks and I am still spinning from the first ten. Adjusting my gait, knowing God steadies my every step on this path HE placed me on. No time to cry over past steps.

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