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Selfhood, Community, Our Call

4/17/15 in Kimberly Gray

As we approach the end of the quarter, my mind ventures into many different directions. I prepare to leave with more questions than answers. I started the course anticipating that it would answer or at least begin to address all my deep questions about what I'm called to do and who I am called to be.

Blogger Kimberly Gray

Suppressed Awareness

3/9/15 in Kimberly Gray

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. The first part of the quarter was busy but manageable. Then "wham" just like that, my world went topsy-turvy! It feels like life is running further and further away and I'm trailing behind, running in place. While I want to be frustrated, I realize that the signals were there all along.

Blogger Kimberly Gray

Discovering Myself

2/17/15 in Kimberly Gray

I'm excited to be writing my first blog post - ever! I'm humbled by the opportunity to share my experiences in the Touchstone Course. I hope that it will be refreshing and as encouraging for you, as I know writing it will be for me. I embarked on this quarter returning after a two-year break as my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world. The Touchstone Course is my first class after the break, and in the redesigned MDiv program, so I offer my perspective from that of both a new and returning student.

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