Matthew Schmitt

Matt Schmitt

Staying at the Table

3/18/15 in Matthew Schmitt

Our final VF gathering was similar to our first, in that we remembered a time where the Spirit of Jesus was near. For me, this was most profoundly during a phone call with our DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection) Hollywood Associate Director, Marvin. He is black, I am white, or as my daughter says, brown and orangish-pink.

Matt Schmitt

A Night of Examen

3/3/15 in Matthew Schmitt

8:30 pm: Our Vocation and Formation team practiced the prayer of Examen, an Ignatian practice that involves both celebrating our gratitude towards God and crying out in complaint: the harmonics of praise and lament.

Matt Schmitt

Casting Jesus in our Memories

2/20/15 in Matthew Schmitt

At our first Vocation and Formation group meeting, I experienced the living Christ with a vibrancy I had never noticed before. After a rich, albeit short, testimony sharing practice between the 9 of us, our leader ushered us into a meditative time. In some ways, it was like any meditation I’ve ever practiced: get comfortable, close your eyes, focus on your breath….until she asked us to imagine Jesus alongside us...

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