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Forward Thinking

6/9/15 in Quinn Harkless

Week 9 of a quarter is stressful. The library is full because of final papers. Your schedule becomes full of study groups and meetings with professors and TAs. Also, there’s the new focus of next quarter’s class. With all of this on top of life’s already full schedule, it helps to center yourself with prayer. As cliché as it sounds it’s truly been my only saving grace as of late...

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6/1/15 in Quinn Harkless

This past weekend I had the opportunity of going back home to the east coast to visit my family for the first time since moving to Pasadena to attend seminary. Being home was great in that I was able to see my family, visit with friends, and hang out at what were once familiar places. However, in all of its greatness I recognized how much I had grown since leaving for seminary...

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Just Keep Swimming

6/30/15 in Quinn Harkless

We’ve reached the halfway point in our journey together. Time for a breather. Well, a short one anyway. Midterms have come and gone and regardless the outcome there are still five more weeks until this quarter ends.

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4/27/15 in Quinn Harkless

Prepare! What I’ve learned from my first quarter is that there is no time like the present. 10 weeks goes by faster than you’d imagine; especially when most of that time is spent reading. Currently, I’ve begun preparing for midterms in 2 weeks and final papers...

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