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Made It!

6/25/15 in Jana Kidd

I have just completed my first year of seminary! Wow! That went by quickly! It’s hard to believe how much I’ve learned and grown since last summer. I have taken the Touchstone class and two other Integrative classes now, and I believe they were a great way to start a seminary career.

Blogger Jana Kidd

Shedding New Light

6/3/15 in Jana Kidd

This quarter I am taking “The Practice of Mission.” The professor is challenging us with new perspectives on things we probably all thought we knew already. One recent assignment was to do a ‘community survey’ of a neighborhood. I decided to go back to the neighborhood in which I grew up, thankfully only 30 minutes away...

Blogger Jana Kidd

Sharing Our Stories, Gaining Wisdom

5/14/15 in Jana Kidd

The Vocation and Formation Groups have been very helpful to me. As a new student in classes with others who are much further along in their seminary careers, I find it increases my confidence to be able to get to know a few other students on a more personal basis...

Blogger Jana Kidd

You’re Going to Seminary – Really?

4/29/15 in Jana Kidd

Entering seminary at a time when most people who are currently alive are younger than me raised some eyebrows among my friends. I took my first class at Fuller Seminary at the age of 60, a time of life when most people I know want to slow down, take it easy, maybe travel a bit. Those things all sound great to me, too, but I have a few experiences under my belt already...

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