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Now What?

12/15/15 in Chris Lopez

In the last scene of Finding Nemo, Gill and the rest of the tank crew finally manage to escape the confines of the dentist office fish tank and make it to the “Big Blue,” the ocean, as one of the fishes from the tank dreamingly described it. Once every character makes it to the ocean, the camera zooms out to get the whole crew in the frame.

Blogger Chris Lopez

Come and Let Us Lament

11/25/15 in Chris Lopez

Last week we were assigned to write a lament in the style of the laments in the Book of Psalms. My initial gut reaction to this assignment was anger. How could you *assign* a lament to someone as if at any we could produce grief and righteous indignation?

Blogger Chris Lopez

Tuning into Different Frequencies

11/6/15 in Chris Lopez

Last week we were told to begin our Lectio Divina assignment which has us reading, praying, and journaling through spiritual texts for thirty days. "YES!" I thought to myself. For once my devotional time will not conflict with my homework, and the "achiever" in me can rest content knowing that I will be doing two things at once.

Blogger Chris Lopez

Surprised by Touchstone

10/20/15 in Chris Lopez

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from this class when I signed up for it. I envisioned a classroom setting where the professor would point to passages in the Scriptures that allude to calling followed by several illustrative anecdotes...

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