Christy Cameron

Christy Johnson

Engaging with the CIQ

12/22/15 in Christy Cameron

One of the questions included on the Fuller application asks: “At this point in your Christian journey, how do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?” On my own application, I wrote that I wanted to further Christ’s redemptive work in his broken creation, to embody his compassion to others by offering greater depth of spiritual care, particularly to the sick and emotionally wounded.

Christy Johnson

Lament and Hope

12/3/15 in Christy Cameron

Lament. Not likely the first thing that comes to mind when considering vocation, or a seminary at that… “I love working out my sense of call because I get to cry a lot!” This week in the Touchstone class, we actually did focus on lament, what it means, how it’s expressed, what it looks like to lament one’s own pain and to come alongside others in theirs.

Christy Johnson

Challenged by the Process

11/10/15 in Christy Cameron

In the last two weeks, the Touchstone class has afforded much opportunity to reflect more deeply and specifically regarding my call and natural talents. Two interview assignments and that of taking a reflective look at my results from the Strengths Finder assessment and Core Clarity packet proved challenging yet effective in allowing me to see how God is at work in my soul as I consider my sense of call to his mission in the world...

Christy Johnson

Personal and Communal

10/21/15 in Christy Cameron

The Touchstone Course offers a well-rounded scope of study and exploration of vocation in various contexts. Through the course, I am better able to recognize my own vocation, not merely in terms of my desires or goals for the future, but also in my current experience.

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