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A Question of Call

12/9/15 in Nicole Hunter

It is that time again. It is time to engage in the best/worst practice of these Touchstone courses: re-articulating my understanding of God’s call on my life. I have come to appreciate this constant reexamination that is part of these courses.

Blogger Nicole Hunter

Solitude or Isolation?

11/18/15 in Nicole Hunter

I like to be alone. I’m good at it. Solitude and silence are familiar friends, necessary to me. Unfortunately, this means I am also good at isolation. These past few weeks I have been pondering—when does solitude become isolation? I am acutely aware that when pain or sadness becomes layered over my days or weeks, I begin to unconsciously rearrange my existence to contain fewer and fewer interactions with humans.

Blogger Nicole Hunter

Held Fast

10/22/15 in Nicole Hunter

The pace of life can be bewilderingly blurry. There is usually too much—too much to do, too much to read, too much to write, too many people and tasks and needs. It used to be, before I started working full-time and taking seminary classes, I was often able to deliberately take time and space for stillness and solitude.

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