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Blogger Grace Ren

'Aha' Moments in Touchstone

12/7/15 in Grace Ren

Time flies! Seven weeks past! The Touchstone class has been so far the most heart-touching class in this quarter! God often speaks through the class. Professor Cormode is good at leading us to deal with deep and complicated human issues that we encounter in our respective lives.

Blogger Grace Ren

Spiritual Formation through Touchstone

11/19/15 in Grace Ren

To me, the Touchstone class is like a spiritual formation class. Firstly, it helps me to look at my past as to how God has been working in my life. The great achievements of my five years’ full-time ministry in China from 2011-2015 were highly based on God’s five years of cultivation/formation in me through tremendous hardship and suffering from 2006-2010.

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