What Formation at Fuller Looks Like

Students blog about their experience with Fuller’s new emphasis on holistic formation—starting with the Touchstone course on vocation and continuing through courses on spiritual and missional practices.

Blogger Nicole Hunter

Held Fast

10/22/15 in Nicole Hunter

The pace of life can be bewilderingly blurry. There is usually too much—too much to do, too much to read, too much to write, too many people and tasks and needs. It used to be, before I started working full-time and taking seminary classes, I was often able to deliberately take time and space for stillness and solitude.

Christy Johnson

Personal and Communal

10/21/15 in Christy Cameron

The Touchstone Course offers a well-rounded scope of study and exploration of vocation in various contexts. Through the course, I am better able to recognize my own vocation, not merely in terms of my desires or goals for the future, but also in my current experience.

Blogger Chris Lopez

Surprised by Touchstone

10/20/15 in Chris Lopez

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from this class when I signed up for it. I envisioned a classroom setting where the professor would point to passages in the Scriptures that allude to calling followed by several illustrative anecdotes...

Blogger Jana Kidd

Made It!

6/25/15 in Jana Kidd

I have just completed my first year of seminary! Wow! That went by quickly! It’s hard to believe how much I’ve learned and grown since last summer. I have taken the Touchstone class and two other Integrative classes now, and I believe they were a great way to start a seminary career.

Blogger Carlos Cevallos

Una clase, pero más que una clase

6/17/15 in Carlos Cevallos

Al pensar en una clase de seminario, seguramente lo asociaríamos con profundos estudios de los textos bíblicos, apasionados debates en torno a la ética, moral y espiritualidad, desafiantes exposiciones respecto al ministerio, entre otras. Pero hoy ocurrió algo diferente.

Blogger Quinn Harkless

Forward Thinking

6/9/15 in Quinn Harkless

Week 9 of a quarter is stressful. The library is full because of final papers. Your schedule becomes full of study groups and meetings with professors and TAs. Also, there’s the new focus of next quarter’s class. With all of this on top of life’s already full schedule, it helps to center yourself with prayer. As cliché as it sounds it’s truly been my only saving grace as of late...

Blogger Jon Ball

Sprouting Seeds

6/4/15 in Jon Ball

Reflecting back on the Touchstone Course, in my third quarter here, I’m excited to see fruit already springing from the seeds planted by God and the leadership here at Fuller. For example, the strengths-based leadership insights I gained from the CoreClarity training keep coming back to me as tools to interpret how I’ve been gifted to bless others...

Blogger Jana Kidd

Shedding New Light

6/3/15 in Jana Kidd

This quarter I am taking “The Practice of Mission.” The professor is challenging us with new perspectives on things we probably all thought we knew already. One recent assignment was to do a ‘community survey’ of a neighborhood. I decided to go back to the neighborhood in which I grew up, thankfully only 30 minutes away...

Blogger Carlos Cevallos

Abriendo espacios

6/2/15 in Carlos Cevallos

Estudiar teología puede llegar a ser una tarea altamente demandante. Mi experiencia en Fuller me ha enseñado que es imprescindible dedicar largas horas de estudio y lectura, para poder cumplir con los requerimientos académicos del seminario. Aunque siempre he mantenido un ritmo de estudio, este último tiempo he tenido que esforzarme al máximo...

Blogger Quinn Harkless


6/1/15 in Quinn Harkless

This past weekend I had the opportunity of going back home to the east coast to visit my family for the first time since moving to Pasadena to attend seminary. Being home was great in that I was able to see my family, visit with friends, and hang out at what were once familiar places. However, in all of its greatness I recognized how much I had grown since leaving for seminary...

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