What Formation at Fuller Looks Like

Students blog about their experience with Fuller’s new emphasis on holistic formation—starting with the Touchstone course on vocation and continuing through courses on spiritual and missional practices.

Blogger Andrew Hebert

Cool Grass and a Holy Reminder

5/19/15 in Andrew Hebert

A couple of weeks ago in Worship and Prayer we did an extended prayer exercise. We were given 45 minutes to go on a meditative walk. We were to spend the entire time listening, and then take about ten minutes at the end to process what God might have had to say to us...

Blogger Jana Kidd

Sharing Our Stories, Gaining Wisdom

5/14/15 in Jana Kidd

The Vocation and Formation Groups have been very helpful to me. As a new student in classes with others who are much further along in their seminary careers, I find it increases my confidence to be able to get to know a few other students on a more personal basis...

Blogger Carlos Cevallos

Aprendiendo un nuevo idioma

5/11/15 in Carlos Cevallos

Soy hispano, nací y crecí en el bello Ecuador. Cuando mi esposa y yo decidimos venir a estudiar a los Estados Unidos sabíamos que enfrentaríamos varios desafíos interesantes. Posiblemente el mayor ha sido el idioma...

Blogger LaDonna Oberholtzer

Easter Us

5/7/15 in LaDonna Oberholtzer

What does it mean to believe and follow a God who resurrects? This past week in the Practice of Mission class it became evident that God is trying to teach me something...

Blogger Quinn Harkless

Just Keep Swimming

6/30/15 in Quinn Harkless

We’ve reached the halfway point in our journey together. Time for a breather. Well, a short one anyway. Midterms have come and gone and regardless the outcome there are still five more weeks until this quarter ends.

Blogger Jana Kidd

You’re Going to Seminary – Really?

4/29/15 in Jana Kidd

Entering seminary at a time when most people who are currently alive are younger than me raised some eyebrows among my friends. I took my first class at Fuller Seminary at the age of 60, a time of life when most people I know want to slow down, take it easy, maybe travel a bit. Those things all sound great to me, too, but I have a few experiences under my belt already...

Blogger Quinn Harkless


4/27/15 in Quinn Harkless

Prepare! What I’ve learned from my first quarter is that there is no time like the present. 10 weeks goes by faster than you’d imagine; especially when most of that time is spent reading. Currently, I’ve begun preparing for midterms in 2 weeks and final papers...

Blogger Carlos Cevallos

Lo que he descubierto en Fuller

4/23/15 in Carlos Cevallos

Llegué a California hace casi 8 meses. ¿La razón? Comenzar mis estudios teológicos en Fuller. Después de servir varios años como pastor en una bella congregación en México, Dios dirigió los pasos de mi familia para emprender este nuevo reto de fe...

Blogger Andrew Hebert

Engaging the Psalms

4/23/15 in Andrew Hebert

In Practice of Worship and Prayer, we have spent a lot of time considering the Psalms as the primary resource for Christian worship and prayer. Two weeks ago, our professor David Taylor was discussing the significance of the Psalms and the variety of their content and use.

Blogger Kimberly Gray

Selfhood, Community, Our Call

4/17/15 in Kimberly Gray

As we approach the end of the quarter, my mind ventures into many different directions. I prepare to leave with more questions than answers. I started the course anticipating that it would answer or at least begin to address all my deep questions about what I'm called to do and who I am called to be.

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