What Formation at Fuller Looks Like

Students blog about their experience with Fuller’s new emphasis on holistic formation—starting with the Touchstone course on vocation and continuing through courses on spiritual and missional practices.

Blogger Kristin Brusse

Listen, Learn and Be

2/9/15 in Kristin Brussee

Had you told me one year ago that I would be living in California and attending Fuller Seminary I would have told you that you were out of your mind. Seminary was never in my plans. California was never in my plans. Going back to school was never in my plans. Yet, here I am...

Blogger PJ Johnson

Reflections on Being a Student

2/6/15 in PJ Johnson

Thank God – second term and halfway through. It’s been fifteen weeks and I am still spinning from the first ten. Adjusting my gait, knowing God steadies my every step on this path HE placed me on. No time to cry over past steps.

Blogger Jon Ball

In Search of an Effective Framework

1/13/15 in Jon Ball

Confession time: I was wrong. In my last post, I wrote, “When I registered for the Touchstone Course, I knew I was not the target audience.” Well, that was what I thought. But I was wrong. I was in the target audience.

Dan Stringer

Listening for Longing and Loss

12/16/14 in Dan Stringer

I’ll never forget the day my wife called me out in the middle of Touchstone class. The topic was storytelling, and I had just asked the instructor for advice on how to become a better storyteller. As the instructor responded to my question, my wife (also a student) interjected, “Honey, you just need to read more fiction.”

Rebecca Stringer

A Holistic Experience

12/16/14 in Rebecca Stringer

As my husband and I made plans to attend Fuller Seminary, our friends and family were overwhelmingly supportive. But sprinkled among the encouragement were notes of caution. “You don’t really need seminary. You’re already in ministry.”

Lindsay Beck Headshot


12/12/14 in Lindsay Beck

We talked about Sabbath and “healthy rhythms of labor and rest” in Touchstone recently. But heart didn’t connect with head until my roommate prayed: “Lord, thank you for the blessing of mono ..."

Joseph Kim Headshot

Ambassadors of Christ

12/11/14 in Joseph Kim

This season in my life has been one that has caused me to do more thinking about my future than I ever have. Thinking about the future can be a very scary thing. I have no idea what's going to happen. Even worse, I have no idea whether I'm going to fail or succeed...

Dan Stringer

Future Dream to Present Moment

12/10/14 in Dan Stringer

At both the beginning and end of the quarter, Touchstone Course students are asked to reflect on the following question, “At this point in your Christian journey, how do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?”

Lindsay Beck Headshot

God, With

12/3/14 in Lindsay Beck

After my aforementioned kairos beginning to Fuller, I hit a brick wall. My body succumbed to mono, flattened and exhausted. I’ve now spent six weeks horizontal, missing class, work, and the early opportunities to find and build community...

Rebecca Stringer

Will God Provide?

11/24/14 in Rebecca Stringer

I have money issues and I know it. Growing up as a missionary kid in a developing country you’d think I’d have a heart of gratitude for all I have received. Unfortunately, in many ways I experienced the fear of scarcity more than gratitude for abundance...

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