MA in Intercultural Studies

MA in Intercultural Studies (MAICS) - Degree Outline:

Degree Core44  units
IS503Practice of Mission
ME506Communicating the Gospel Cross-Culturally
CH504The Modern Church in Global Historical Context
IS500The Touchstone Course
IS501The Practice of Worship and Prayer
IS502Practices of Christian Community
C1Engaging Global Realities
C2Engaging Culture
C3Engaging Local Contexts
C1, 2, 3 4, or 5Choose any contextualizing class
Theology Requirements24  units
BI500Interpretive Practices
OT500Old Testament Introduction
NT500New Testament Introduction
BI501The Bible, Hermeneutics, and Christian Mission
TH1, HT500, or HT501God and Christ; history; or theology
TH2, HT502, or HT503Church, Humanity and the Christian Life; history; or theology
Electives12  units
Crosscultural Practicum0  units
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