Clinical Psychology Faculty

  • profile Abernethy
    Alexis D. Abernethy

    Professor of Psychology

    Psychodynamic psychotherapy, spirituality and health, prostate cancer screening and religiousness, anger management, cultural competence, and group psychotherapy

  • profile-bjorck-jeff
    Jeff Bjorck

    Professor of Psychology

    Coping, life stress, religious faith, and adjustment; ethnocultural differences in stress, coping, faith, and adjustment; managed care applications of psychodiagnostic nomenclature, illusory control, spiritually integrative, technically eclectic psychotherapy; MCMI-III, Multimodal Therapy, Psychometric Theory

  • profile-brown-warren
    Warren S. Brown

    Director of the Lee Edward Travis Research Institute and Professor of Psychology

    Neuropsychology and psychophysiology (including study of cognitive deficits associated with pathology of the corpus callosum and the study of EEG potentials in mental activity and psychopathology), neuroscience and philosophy (i.e., free will, wisdom, and virtue), science and faith

  • profile-clements-mari
    Mari Clements

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Marital conflict, parenting, developmental psychopathology, research design and statistics

  • profile-dueck
    Al Dueck

    Distinguished Professor of Cultural Psychologies

    Cultural psychology and psychotherapy, postmodernity and psychological theory, healing structures in congregations and communities, spirituality and psychotherapy, ethics and therapy, Jung and Christianity, integrative research, and indigenous psychologies

  • profile-eriksson-cynthia
    Cynthia Eriksson

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder; missionary mental health and self care; chronic stress and burnout in caregivers; spirituality and trauma reactions

  • profile-fung_joey
    Joey Fung

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Culture and child psychopathology; parent training programs; parent-child relations; child and adolescent anxiety; mental health care for Asian and Asian American families

  • profile-gooden-winston
    Winston Gooden

    Dean of the School of Psychology and Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of Psychotherapy and Spirituality

    Psychodynamic psychotherapy, adult development, shame, mid-life transitions, spiritual and emotional development of African American men, church involvement of African American men

  • profile-Kim, Seong-Hyeon
    Seong-Hyeon Kim

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Statistics, psychometrics, Asian American psychology, multiculturalism, use of self in psychotherapy, psychotherapy outcome research, counseling psychology

  • profile-marion deboard,sarah
    Sarah DeBoard Marion

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Neuropsychology, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, neuropsychological issues in HIV infection, aging

  • profile-schnitker-sarah
    Sarah Schnitker

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Development of character strengths and well-being, the virtue of patience, positive youth development, personal goals and strivings, spiritual transformation, personality, positive psychology, and psychology of religion

  • profile-simpson_stephen
    Stephen Simpson

    Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training

    Sexuality, psychotherapy, psychopathology, depression, anxiety, marriage therapy

  • profile-strawn_brad
    Brad Strawn

    Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology

    Integration of Psychology and Christian Theology; Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy; Clinical Psychology; Body, Brain, and Theology

  • profile-tan-siangyang
    Siang-Yang Tan

    Professor of Psychology

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy of anxiety, anger, and depression; behavioral medicine/health psychology; paraprofessional/lay counseling; cross-cultural psychology and counseling; integration of psychology and the Christian faith, spiritual disciplines and mental health, the Holy Spirit and counseling, religious psychotherapy, and Christian psychology

  • profile-wong-maria
    Maria Wong

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Children's social-emotional development, attachment relationships, child temperament, parent-child narratives, family interactions, children's empathy and prosocial development, child development in China

Senior Faculty

  • profile-Gorsuch_Richard
    Richard Gorsuch

    Senior Professor of Psychology

    Social psychology and personality; beliefs, attitudes and values; distinguishing between science and religion; and the general multivariate linear model

  • profile-hart-arch
    Archibald Hart

    Dean Emeritus and Senior Professor of Psychology

    Cognitive psychology, stress management, psychophysiology, biofeedback, therapeutic aspects of the Christian gospel, vocational hazards of ministry

  • profile-hunt-richard(B/W)
    Richard Hunt

    Senior Professor of Psychology

    Marriage preparation, education, enrichment, and assessment; clergy assessment and spiritual formation; career, marriage, and faith; social learning and computer applications

  • profile-Malony-H.N.-B-W
    Newton Malony

    Senior Professor of Psychology

    Transactional analysis, clinical psychology, psychology of religion, integration of psychology and theology, religious tolerance

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