The Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning is supported by a generous grant from the Lowell W. Berry Foundation. For over 40 years, the Lowell Berry Foundation has supported Fuller in continuing education for pastors, layleaders and congregations.

Mission Statement

The Berry Center endeavors:

To foster learning environments for clergy and congregations that cultivate spiritual formation, and missional imaginations and practices, through the interplay of seminary and congregations.

Advanced Ministerial Training

If you're looking for advanced training in ministry, visit our Doctor of Ministry Program page or our Advanced Diploma in Ministry Leadership page.

Continuing Education Materials

If you're looking for distance learning materials, the Berry Center for Lifelong Learning recommends the Capstone Curriculum from The Urban Ministry Institute. Graduates of this program can gain admission into many of Fuller's master's degrees.

School for Pastors

If you're looking for the School for Pastors video series, go to

Other Fuller Resources

You can find more resources and articles at

Center for Lifelong Learning Archives

Follow the Center's events and resources archives at


You can contact David Moore at the Center for Lifelong Learning at or 626.584.5669.

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