Doctor of Missiology/Doctor of Intercultural Studies

Students in the DMiss degree program may elect to have their doctorate degree designated as Doctor of Missiology degree (DMiss) or as a Doctor of Intercultural Studies Degree (DIS).
The Doctor of Missiology degree is a cohort-based and non-residential program designed for in-service leaders with 5 or more years of significant missional experience. The program requires short intensive residencies annually plus online collaboration, assisting students in conducting missiological research that will address a problem or opportunity arising within the context where they are in leadership. Dissertations are designed and written to propose practical and concrete application steps to accomplish positive change/action in their respective organization, ministry, or church context.

Student Profiles


Student Spotlight: Elisa Blethen

Assistant Professor & MBA Program Director, Loma Linda University, Adventist Health International
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DMiss-Doctor-of-Missiology-student-Jay-Matenga-Wood-at -Fuller-Theological-Seminary

Student Spotlight: Jay Matenga Wood

Director, Pioneers New Zealand
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Alumni Profiles


Alumni Spotlight: Guy Higashi

Executive Vice President of Pacific Rim Bible College
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Swann Peter

Alumni Spotlight: Peter Swann

Executive Director of Aid Sudan
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Alumni Spotlight: Rey Diaz

Director of Project Transformation, Lead Pastor for Washington Cathedral, and US Liason for Amor, Fe, y Esperanza
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