Instead of academic year long dorms, we offer all year long apartments with separate legally binding lease contracts. Housing Services is a separate auxiliary entity with an accounting system distinct from other Fuller departments. As a result, financial transactions and contracts with other Fuller offices- including financial aid payments received by Student Financial Services-do not fulfill contractual obligations to Housing Services.

You must apply to Fuller Housing separately from Admissions. We strongly urge you to apply for Housing immediately, as the Housing Office can receive your application even before you receive an Admissions decision. Once you hear back about your Admissions decision, it is your responsibility to inform the Housing Office. MORE INFO >

Two Options for Living at Fuller

Traditional Apartment Units

The majority of our units are located within two blocks of the Fuller campus in the heart of downtown Pasadena. Most complexes are so close you can walk to class. The farthest is a few miles from campus. We have one main children's playground park and a smaller play area specifically designed for toddlers aptly named the Tot Lot (click here to see the play areas).

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Intentional Community (IC)

Cooperative Living in Shared Homes and Cohousing Apartments

Fuller Housing's Intentional Community offer cooperative living in shared homes and co-housing apartments. Some of our Intentional Communities also offer studio, 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments or homes that have self-contained bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. All of Fuller Housing's Intentional Communities require an IC application, in addition to Fuller Housing's standard application.

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Unit Size, Classification, and Amenities

Fuller Housing owns or leases approximately 302 units in 8 complexes. Rent is based upon the size of the unit and its amenities. The majority of our units are carpeted, and all of them have a refrigerator and stove/oven unit but are otherwise unfurnished. Additionally, many of our newest units in Chang Commons have dishwashers and washer/dryer units.

Eligibility for Families

Maximum Occupancy for Unit Types - All Fuller Communities Families only

Unit Type Maximum Occupancy 2014 Rent*
1 Bedroom 2 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$870 to $1300
2 Bedroom 4 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$1140 to $1560
3 Bedroom 6 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$1380 to $1890
4 Bedroom 8 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)

Eligibility for Roommate Situations

Maximum Occupancy for Unit Types - Roommates only

Unit Type Maximum Occupancy 2014 Rent*
Studio 2 Adults $680-$1040
Studio Loft 2 Adults $990
1-Bedroom 2 Adults $870 to $1300
2-Bedroom 4 Adults, though priority given to familes $1140 to $1560
3-Bedroom Priority given to families $1380 to $1890

*does not include parking or utility fees and is valid from 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2015

Rent Rate Comparison

How do Fuller Housing rent rates compare to others in the area? Overall, downtown Pasadena is an expensive place to live. Fuller Housing's rates are 10-30% below area rates. In the past 1-2 years, there are 2000+ new luxury residential units being built within one mile of campus, many with rates 50% above Fuller Housing's rates. For additional rent rate comparison information, try the Rent-O-Meter website.

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