Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies is a place of innovation grounded in an unchanging gospel: a diverse community of scholars reflecting together on ways to respond to a changing global environment with missional wisdom, creativity, and faith. Degree and certificate programs offer the following:

A Global Community

Your perspective will be expanded as you join a community of classmates and faculty from a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures

An Innovative Spirit

As you study with leading missiologists who shape mission theory and practice, you will learn to serve wisely, nimbly, and biblically in a shifting future

Holistic Formation

In addition to being stretched academically and missionally, you will grow in humility, compassion, and courage as you seek to be an agent of transformation for Jesus

Accessibility and Customization

Multiple degree programs, emphasis options, and online format choices allow you to shape your study to fit your interests, call, and location needs


Master’s Degrees

MA in Intercultural Studies (MAICS)
Emphasizing holistic formation, this program prepares you for informed intercultural engagement locally or globally

MA in Global Leadership (MAGL)
Experienced leaders strengthen and sharpen their ministry in context through this primarily online, cohort-based program

Advanced Degrees

Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)
The DMiss helps experienced leaders integrate theory and practical research to effect change in their context of service

PhD in Intercultural Studies
The highest credential we offer, the PhD provides students the opportunity to design, develop, and complete a customized research plan

ThM in Intercultural Studies
This program enables practitioners to pursue concentrated coursework in one area of missiological study

Certificate Programs

Church Planting
This program gives church planters the theological foundations and missiological principles to inform their work

Islamic Studies
This certificate helps students to more knowledgeably and skillfully engage Muslims in a dynamic global environment

Christian Studies
Students complete a focused course of study or a sampling of intercultural studies courses with this flexible certificate

Christian Studies for Missionaries
This 100% online, cohort-based program offers coursework specifically designed for missionaries in the field

Areas of Emphasis

Master’s students can focus on specific areas of interest and support vocational goals by choosing from numerous emphasis options—including the following:


I came from the Congo with two passions—evangelism and development—and professors like Bryant Myers and other experienced practitioners helped me bring those together. Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies gave me opportunities to learn from people who are working in the areas I’m passionate about. It gave me a language behind my passion, preparing me to take a theology of development back to the Congo.

—Patrick Butsapu Kakule (MAICS ’15), from Goma, Congo

Hear more from Patrick about his experience
Through the MAGL program my ministry activity was focused in a way it had not been in previous seasons of my life. A significant help was the people I met—the diversity of mission fields represented in the MAGL has helped inform the diversity that we demonstrate at Urbana. Courses in leadership and mentoring impacted my own leadership formation and executive leadership, sustaining me in global leadership over the years.

—Tom Lin (MAGL ’11), President-Elect, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

In the DMiss program I have been able to blend my unique interests of mission with healthcare administration. I would encourage anyone interested to explore the options and follow their passion—Fuller’s faculty are so encouraging and work hard to help each student succeed. Starting a doctorate can seem overwhelming, but the cohort and faculty are there each step of the way.

—Elisa Blethen, Professor and Program Director, Yucaipa, California

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Meet some faculty

Amos Young Portrait

Amos Yong

Professor of Theology and Mission

A preeminent missiologist, Dr. Yong’s scholarship has been foundational in Pentecostal and global Christian theology. As director of our Center for Missiological Research (CMR), he guides a community of global scholars in addressing seminal missiological issues. “The 21st century is seeing the emergence of a renewed, fully missional world Christianity,” he says. “We are at the forefront of researching, understanding, and engaging this explosive phenomenon.”


Johnny Ramirez-Johnson

Johnny Ramírez-Johnson

Professor of Intercultural Studies

Raised in a context where he was persecuted for his Christian beliefs, Dr. Ramírez-Johnson has a passion for missiology refined by fire. With training in human development and cultural psychology—and extensive church planting experience—he teaches a practical theology that facilitates the gospel’s work among the unreached from inner cities to remote outposts. Students leave his classes with the theological, social science, and spiritual tools for wise missional engagement.


Evelyne Reisacher

Evelyne Reisacher

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Intercultural Relations

“My desire is to see people in the evangelical context really be the best at knowing Islam, the best at loving Muslims, and the best also at worshipping God in their daily life,” says Dr. Reisacher. With over 20 years of experience working in Muslim contexts—facilitating relationships between churches and immigrants and developing tools for sharing the gospel cross-culturally—she brings the expertise to prepare students for faithful, informed interaction with our Muslim neighbors.

Listen to Dr. Reisacher’s lecture on Christian-Muslim relations delivered at Urbana 15

2016 Missiology Lectures


Dynamics of Contemporary Muslim Societies:
Christian Theological and Missiological Implications

November 3–4, 2016

Learn More

Listen to the 2015 Missiology Lectures on past, present, and future trends for global mission
CMR Image

Center for Missiological Research

PhD and ThM students do their work within CMR, where scholars from around the world are equipped for faithful, innovative leadership in missiological education and practice

Learn More

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